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About Voyageur

Meet Bachir Raymond Sarkis, founder and sole partner of Voyageur Jewelry located in Beirut, Lebanon. Bachir started out his journey as the son of a large united, true Lebanese family, inheriting strong values of ambition and hard work.

On the 29th of June 2005, Bachir Sarkis took the jewelry world by storm when he opened up the first Voyageur high-end boutique that became a solid jewelry empire built on Bachir’s success. The cornerstones of his empire are his constant determination, resilience, and vision to improve on what he has already accomplished.

Bachir remains committed to developing his ever growing business. He is also keen on promoting a patriotic and united spirit within the young Lebanese generation by striving to provide employment in and from Lebanon.

Bachir Raymond Sarkis continues with his journey of expanding Voyageur’s horizons by constantly traveling and discovering new skies that would create new opportunities for his clients and associates.


Our Journey

In the heart of Voyageur’s journey lies a family tradition, built on trust and ambition.

1965, brothers Raymond and Sarkis Sarkis launch their business endeavors and gradually grow to become leaders in their field. Following the success of enterprises, in 1989 a leading commercial company which operates in many countries worldwide and is listed among the most dynamic companies in the Middle East. In line with the vision of the family, the Sarkis Group expand its operations in 2005 and establishes a new luxury business: Voyageur Jewelry.

Bachir Sarkis, Raymond’s son, takes the reigns. Being a young and talented jeweler, Bachir’s dream comes true as he forges into the world of diamonds and precious stones.

The first high-end Voyageur Jewelry boutique is opened in Kaslik on 29th of June 2005. Voyageur objective current and exciting jewelry from Italy and others countries recognized for exquisite handcraft jewelry. However, his vision does not stop there. Innovation and creativity being the essence of Voyageur Jewelry, Bachir wants to offer something unique and therefore opens a factory in Dbayeh – under the Sarkis Group – to cater to his client’s exclusive taste.

Our Dream

Though we are proud of our achievements, we believe that the road does not end here. At Voyageur, the journey being limitless, we yearn for our pieces to travel and adorn elegant women around the world.

Our vision is to have an unquestionable presence in the diamond and jewelry world, and for our retail stores to be famous for their professionalism.

To this end, we pay the utmost attention to beauty and refinement, using stones of immaculate value to meet our customer's delicate taste and invaluable trust. Our boutiques offer more than jewelry, they offer the experience of luxury carried out with impeccable customer service.

Our Secret

Let us unveil the secret behind Voyageur's exquisite prices. but not all at once. Because you can only discover the true secret of Voyageur Jewelry once you wear it.

The inspiration: the art and culture of exciting destinations that the owner, Bachir Sarkis has experienced during his travels around the world which he wished to share with you as reflected in the Voyageur designs.

The elements: hand-picked diamonds of the high quality straight from Antwerp, Belgium – the world capital of diamonds. Our exquisite precious stones are acquired in Thailand, India, Burma and Colombia.

The design: exclusive jewelry sketches drawn by an Italian and a Lebanese design artist for Voyageur Jewelry only.

The craftsmanship: precision and refinement are key to the work of our professional gemologists and stone setters when crafting Voyageur settings and pieces.

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